Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vegan incidentals

So I've frankly been distracted and I haven't cooked anything from the Veganomicon for a little while, a luxury I have what with the not being vegan and all.  But it does occur to me that even when I'm not working on this project, I'm doing a fair amount of unforced vegan cooking.

Case in point, this recipe for bibimbap from last week's New York Times.  An easy recipe for the Korean hot rice salad that happens to be relatively low fat and vegan --- and did I mention not requiring any compromises on the palate?

The recipe is pretty forgiving.  I don't have the patience to julienne on a weeknight -- shredding in your Cuisinart will be fine.  I didn't have time to hit the grocery that stocks fresh shiitake mushrooms -- just soak some dried ones in hot water and you'll be all set.  No short-grain rice?  I used long-grain jasmine.  Trust me, you'll be fine.  Just remember not to regard the steps of the recipe as strictly sequential.  You pretty much do steps 2-6 while the rice is cooking.